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Anna Forlati è un’illustratrice specializzata nel libro illustrato per l’infanzia, che vive e lavora a Torino. Ha pubblicato più di 30 libri illustrati in Italia e all’estero e ha partecipato a varie rassegne internazionali di illustrazione, tra cui la Mostra degli Illustratori, Bologna Children’s Book Fair 2014 e Illustrarte 2018.Nel 2018 ha ottenuto il Premio “Città di Chiavari” per la miglior illustrazione in una rivista per l’infanzia. È attualmente docente di illustrazione presso la Scuola di Illustrazione ARS INFABULA di Macerata. 

2 commenti:

  1. Greetings Anna,

    We are so delighted to happen across your page and see your beautiful illustrations for children's books!!

    My husband and I have created an organization, Children Leading Children, to foster a global community for children.
    One of our goals is to bring to children (through illustrated children's books) inspiring true stories.

    We have a children's book that we would love to explore the possibility of you illustrating (based upon your availability). The story is taken from the autobiographical song, "I Said That I Would Sing" by singer/songwriter Kirtana (she will be the book's author). This is a very creative endeavor to transform lyrics to a children's book. Once you hear/read these lyrics, you will see why I have such passion for this project. I have shared your link with Kirtana, and she is drawn to your creative and meaningful art/illustrations.

    Anna, in today’s world where it is difficult to understand what is real, we want to be a chorus of inspiring voices to today’s youngest generation and to their parents who are raising them. We believe that exposing children to real stories early in their development will establish a powerful belief in their own BIG dreams!

    We have our first four stories near completion and as Founders, our long-term goal is to create strategic partnerships around the world where our books will find their way into the hands of every child!

    In addition to our books, we will be launching Global Classrooms in October with partnering schools in the US, UK, Turkey and Nigeria. These virtual classrooms will bring children together for sharing conversations and the opportunity to see build friendships across the globe and learn that we are more similar than we are dissimilar.

    I would love to hear from you Anna and explore your interest and availability.

    Warmest regards,
    LaRae Wright

  2. Hallo Lae, thank you and sorry for the late reply.
    Could we discuss privately about your project? I would be delighted to know more about it.
    My contacts:, +39 3201416213
    Best wishes,